Bio Hub Workshop 2013

Sustain Northern Rivers in collaboration with the North Coast Energy Forum held a highly successful Bio Hub Workshop late last year.

Over fifty participants came together in Byron Bay to discuss and progress Northern Rivers projects in bio energy, bio fuel, bio char and bio gas. The strength of the day was evident due to the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders who attended which included representatives from the timber industry, meat and livestock industry, dairy industry, sugar industry, education sector, local and state government and the community. Over the course of the day all known “Bio” related projects were mapped for the Northern Rivers and number of small working groups were formed to progress projects throughout 2014. The topics covered included:

1. Farm Scale Bio GasBiohub Workshop2

2. Decentralised Bio Hubs

3. Connecting Feedstock to Existing Cogeneration Plants

4. Education -Engaging the Community

5. Logistics

6. Selling Bio Solids

Over the course of 2014 Sustain Northern Rivers will be reporting back on the progress of these and many more Northern Rivers energy projects.

Sustain Northern Rivers is a collaboration of peak regional organisations working together to improve the sustainability of the Northern Rivers.

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