Community Energy Grants

The recent OEH community energy grants were a big win for our region – eight out of 19 NSW funded projects in the Northern Rivers or nearby!

  • Repower Coffs: Opening up the cost benefits of rooftop solar to low income renters with the aim of installing 80kW of solar PV on up to 45 dwellings by end 2016.
  • Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby COREM: Developing a 75kW PV system in partnership with the local council, along with a social feasibility program to ensure effective community engagement.
  • Energy for Ever Port Macquarie: Developing a 70-100kW community-owned solar farm that generates revenue to fund further community energy projects through an annual grants program
  • Lismore Community Solar Farms ‘Farming the Sun’: Developing two 100kW solar farms through community investment and administration in partnership with the local council
  • Northern Rivers Community Bio Hubs: Developing a small-scale bio-gas project in a local dairy to create a business model for further development of two community-owned bio-hubs.
  • New England Wind (sort of our region!): Establishing NSW’s first community-owned wind farm, with a 10MW capacity, led by a consortium of community and professional organisations.
  • Community Run of Rivers Hydros Dorrigo: quantifying the hydroelectric potential of the Dorrigo Plateau and providing project development pathways and ownership models to benefit the local community.
  • Tyalgum Energy Project: Establishing a community led and managed cooperative for the development of a wholly community-owned project to take the entire town off the grid.

More information about these from Renewable Energy Coordinator Lauren Zell on 0455 097 886

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