Solar Australian bike ride spreads sustainable message

[frame src=”” width=”300″ height=”IMAGE_HEIGHT” lightbox=”on” title=”Victorian teenager Sam Mitchell passes through Lismore, NSW, with his solar bike. (Margaret Burin – ABC Local)” align=”left” ]

It may look like a cross between a vintage plane and a tricycle, but Sam Mitchell hopes these wheels will take him right around the country. The Victorian teenager is travelling through the New South Wales north coast as part of an epic journey on his solar-powered bike.

On board a solar-powered bike that he built himself, Sam Mitchell from Orbost in Victoria, hopes to spread a message about renewable energy and sustainable travel.

The three-wheeled bike’s battery is powered by solar panels on its roof.
He’s making his way up to Cape York, from which he plans to head west.
“I’m trying to do the four compass points of the mainland,” he says.

Sam has estimated the journey will be about 25,000km, and so far he’s averaged about 1,000km each week.

Read the rest … by Margaret Burin – ABC North Coast

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