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Annual North Coast Energy Forum

The key initiative of the North Coast Energy Forum is an annual event to bring together community, industry and government agencies to progress knowledge and momentum towards a sustainable energy system for the North Coast. From this key event many connections and regional initiatives have sparked or deepen as a result.

North Coast Energy eNewsletter

The North Coast Energy Forum publishes a fantastic e-newsletter monthly with a snapshot of regionally relevant renewable energy news. If your working in the industry, making policy or an active community member this is the best way to stay up to date with regional energy initiatives. By registering for the North Coast Energy Forum newsletter you will join hundreds of other dedicated individuals and organisations contributing to creating a sustainable energy system for the North Coast.

Bio Hub Work Shop 2013

Sustain Northern Rivers in collaboration with the North Coast Energy Forum hosted a Bio Hub Workshop in December 2013. Brining together stakeholders from the sugar, dairy, meat and livestock, construction and timber industry the workshop facilitated a regional collaboration to identify all the bio energy related project currently underway, existing feedstock and potential project areas. Outcomes of this workshop included groups discussing on farm bio gas, decentralised bio hubs, connecting feedstock to cogeneration plants, logistics, education and selling bio solids.

Northern Rivers Community Energy Retailer

An exciting initiative to create Australia’s first community owned electricity retailer has been given the green light.
A community retailer offers energy to local customers at competitive rates, supports local renewable generation and allows residents to participate and own the business. It is similar to a normal retailer which sells electricity and issues bills but differs in where the electricity comes from and who shares in the ownership of the retailing entity. Examples are common overseas but not yet tested in Australia.
To kick start this initiative a call for tenders to develop a business plan will be announced in August 2014 with the plan to be developed by mid 2015. The business plan will need to provide a fair price for renewable generation matched to local demand, create local enterprise and provide energy security for the Northern Rivers. The plan will also address how a community retailer could help overcome structural and economic barriers to regional renewable energy. For more details of the initiative and on the timing and content of tenders contact Mark Byrne at the Total Environment Centre on 02 9211 5022 or 0403 070 442, markb@tec.org.au

The Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE) is a purpose-built governance system designed to enable collaboration for the purpose of creating a vibrant community energy sector and movement right across Australia.

It is the membership of C4CE ~ community energy projects, groups, support organisations and stakeholders in the wider renewable and mainstream energy system ~ who make this vision possible.


Sustain Northern Rivers (SNR) started in 2008, through 10 peak regional organisations coming together as signatories to the Northern Rivers Climate Change Collaboration Agreement (NR3CA).  These partner organisations committed to communicate, consult and collaborate for action on climate change. This alliance has grown and is now known as the SNR Collaboration.

The Sustain Northern Rivers Collaboration knows that the way we network is the stuff of change. It’s how we get things done. When we work in networks, we can come up with new ways of doing things that we would not have thought of alone.