Updates from the Tyalgum Energy Project

A Plan for Energy Self Sufficiency

The last few months have been positive for the Tyalgum community energy project in exploring the feasibility of independent energy supply, with the release of the feasibility study developed by Energy For The People. Funded after successfully winning a grant from the Office of Environment and Heritage, Energy for the People were engaged to develop a project plan for the community of Tyalgum to implement. Consultation and workshops were held in May with the Tyalgum community to build a better understanding of what energy solutions are available, and how to go about developing viable energy initiatives locally. The recently released ‘Transition Tyalgum: A Plan for Energy Self Sufficiency’ analyses feedback and makes recommendations on how to proceed It can be downloaded from the Energy for the People website.

The Tyalgum Energy Project team have been doing copious amounts of research into investment and management models as part of the first phase of the project and have installed twenty energy usage meters into houses and businesses and with another forty intended for the coming months. Phase one hopes to start ‘full steam ahead’ in the new year.  

The Tyalgum Energy Project team are looking currently for dedicated people to help facilitate initiatives throughout the village and help promote and have been inundated recently with media coverage and information and support for the project.

To find out more or become involved:


E: kacey@australianradiotowers.com

M: +61 423 879 235


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